Hi Piotrkowska wychodzi z ziemi

Hi PIOTRKOWSKA 155 emerges from the ground. The hotel and the small office building already have a ground floor.

Hi Piotrkowska 155, a multifunctional office, retail and service complex which is being constructed in the centre of Łódź, enters the next stage. The construction of the ground floor of the hotel building and a small office building has been completed and the construction of vertical elements of the above-ground storey has begun. The office tower, the tallest building of the complex in the project, has its first foundations. The works are in progress according to the schedule and the completion date is March 2020.

“We have reached the stage zero of the hotel building and the stage zero of small office building on the side of Piotrkowska Street. We are currently constructing the ceiling and vertical elements of the first above-ground storey (level +1) of these buildings. We have completed the first plot of the foundation slab of the underground storey (level – 2) of the office tower and we are during the reinforcement process of  the next adjacent plots of this slab. The excavation for the foundation slab of the office tower continues all the time,” says Jacek Pilarczyk, Project Manager at Master Management Group.

Hi Piotrkowska 155 is a complex consisting of three buildings: 19-storey office tower connected with a 7-storey hotel and a 5-storey office building. The Hampton by Hilton hotel will have 149 rooms. Two adjacent buildings (19-storey and 5-storey) will offer class A office space with a total leasable area of 21,000 sqm and 4,000 sqm of retail and service space. Hi Piotrkowska 155 will be built at the Transfer Centre in the central part of Łódź and will be an important point on the city’s business map.

“Hi Piotrkowska 155 complex will combine office and retail functions with the Hampton by Hilton hotel. The offer of offices will be complemented by shops, cafes, restaurants as well as a fitness centre and a medical clinic. We already have few trusted brands such as Starbucks, Hebe and Żabka. We hope that modern design, accessibility from the street and a wide offer will be a magnet for numerous passers-by and local residents. It is estimated that about 50,000 people use the Transfer Centre located directly next to the investment daily,” comments Anna Polak, Head of Leasing at Master Management Group.
Source/Archiwum UMŁ